Ba Na Hill Mountain Resort Da Nang

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About Ba Na Mountain Resort
Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort is 25 km away from the center of Da Nang to the South, at the elevation of 1487m above sea level, it is well known as “Green lung” of the central region or “The Pearl of Climate” of Vietnam.

Where to go and what to see
The Creator not only endow Ba Na a magic and sparkling beauty, very fresh air and temperate climate, four season weather in a given day but also many  beautiful landscapes as many people passionate with its. Ba Na is always colourful as a spring garden all year round, moisture from the ocean routinely, rich vegetation cover, lush green, pristine forests makes this place surprised for tourists because of a planty of tree types such as  agarwood, barian kingwood, madhuca pasquieri, dalbergia cochinchinensis, podocarpus fleuryi, sindora tonkinensis, etc.
At the height of 1400m, many kind of flowers in the approaching temprate zone bloom all year round such as hydrangeas, orchids, etc.
With the magical beauty of Ba Na nature, the tourists will admire the entire of Toc Tien waterfall with nine spectacular floors and flowing dramatic waterfall. Immersing in the beautiful waterfall, the visitors also have opportunity to take a look at many kinds of previous animals such as: pygathrix nemaeus, nomascus gabriellae, ursus thibetanus, lophura edwardsi, etc. They fly all the time as in harmony moves with the dreamy waterfall makes us feel like be back to the primordial period of human. It is the most attractive activity to do for the tourists is standing on the top of Ba Na Mountain for sightseeing. On the top of this moutain, the visitors can have an entire look of Han Bay, Qua Giang River, Han River, Cu De River, Thu Bon River;  or a general scene of Son Tra Peninsula, Marble Moutain, My Khe Beach, Cua Kham Cape with Hai Van saddle; even sparkling night of Da Nang city.

How to get around
There is suspension cable lines with Guinness world record of 5771.71 m length. And the height difference between the departure and arrival station of 1368.93 m is also a record of Guiness. Specifically, 86 cabins with a capacity of 10 persons / cabin is designed openings that will give visitors extremely exciting experience. Today, the cable is attached to the image of Ba Na Hills, making this place become a popular tourist attraction that makes Ba Na is indispensable mark on the tourist map of Vietnam in general and Da Nang city in particular.

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