Cau Ngu Fesstival

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Cau Ngu Festival

Cau Ngu Festival

Cau Ngu Festival is usually mentioned together with Ca Ong  festival (also known as Whale Festival) that is one of the biggest festival of Da Nang city’s fishermen.

Cau Ngu Festival is held in coastal areas such as: Thanh Loc Dan , Man Thai, , Hoa Hiep, Tho Quang, Xuan Ha, etc.  Cau Ngu Festival is usually held in the middle of March (lunar calendar) after Lunar New Year, traditional Tet of Vietnam by the fishermen. The festival takes place over two days, the first day of holiday is for bonus set, the day after is the official ceremony. And in this holiday altar was decorated very brilliant and solemn. The altar table are shown with many kind of worship offerings. And on each of the boats will hang a lamp with flower. The villagers in the area of sea around will pick out a specific board of ceremonies consists of ones who are the elderly, wise, reputable to fishermen and not involving bereavement.

The leader of the ceremony (who must not eat seafood) will speak out  a funeral oration to express villagers ‘s gratefulness for the faith and pray of Ca Ong and Ca Ba to recognize for the sincerity of fishermen out at sea for a bumper fishing season and safe departure or arrival. In the fesstival, people joined the coastal folk games such as shaking basket, sailing, swimming, tug, football, etc. In entertainment, in addition to many regional singing type such as tuong, khoan,  there is a dance form characterized by Cau Ngu Festival is Ba Trao dancing and singing (Ba: holding, Trao: rowing boat) expressed solidarity among members in a boat, overcome the waves to the wind, bringing about a bumper season for fishermen.

In the evening, flower garlands and coloured lanterns at sea, stocking sailing ceremony for departed soul  worship on the sea are all attractive ceremonies to the tourists both domesic and abroad.

Fishermen Festival is a particularly cultural form of community. It is a harmoniously cultural morphology in a special cultural environment, many art forms was raised and are kept in this environment. This festival is an opportunity for fishermen who are faced with many uncertainties when floating on the sea are shown peaceful aspirations in life.

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