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Han River bridge,Da Nang

Han River bridge, Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal city with a coastline of about 60 km, and is  located in the central of Vietnam. Thanks to beautiful beaches with gentle stretching and sparkling white sandbank, Da Nang beach was voted for one of six  most charming beaches all over the world by an American article named Forbes.
With the advantage of marine tourism, Da Nang every year attracts a large amount of both local and foreign tourists. In addition to the advantage of marine tourism, Da Nang has a very convenient location for transportation, make it very easy to travel to the capital city (Ha Noi city) in the North, the biggest city of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city) in the South and so many interestingly tourism destinations of Central Vietnam, specially Hoi An charming city and the imperial capital of Hue.

Da Nang’s weather has neither wet like Hanoi nor complicated like Ho Chi Minh city, the third largest city of Vietnam has a warm and temperate climate all year round. Each year there are two distinct seasons: the rainy season (From August to December) and dry season (From January to June), It is occasionally in cold winter but rarely lasts so long. The annual average temperature is around 25.9 ° C, the highest in the months June, July, August – average 28-30 ° C, the lowest in December, January, February – average 18-23 ° C . Particularly Ba Na mountains at an elevation of 1,500 m, the average temperature is about 20 ° C.

Get in and Get out
Da Nang is the cultural and economic center of the central Viet Nam, therefore transportation means to Da Nang is very convenient and the tourists can make many choices accordance with their purpose and budget. It is about 750 – 780 kilometers from Hanoi, and 885 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh city to Da Nang.

By open bus: This is the most economical and convenient mean to travel to Da Nang
– From Hanoi: It takes about 18 – 20 hours to travel by bus from Hanoi to the city.
Some big bus agencies for reference: Hoang Long, Mai Linh, Hung Thanh, Trekking, An Phu, Camel. Tickets usually cost about from 400.000VND – 450.000VND/one-way ticket.
Contact for ticket booking:  Luong Yen bus station 04.39877225, Mai Linh:, Camel at 459 Tran Khat Chan, Hanoi, An Phu at 50 Yen Phu, Hanoi.
– From Ho Chi Minh city: Tourists can refer to these prestigious agencies such as Phi Long – Departure from Mien Dong bus station (Eastern bus station), ticket counter number 55. Tel: 0914 031 156;  Ngoc Sanh bus – Mien Dong Bus Station  , ticket counter number 51, Tel: 08 3511 8380 or Thuan Thao bus- Mien Dong bus station, Tel: 08 3511 2957

By train: On the stretch of road running from Hanoi to Saigon or vice versa, there are many trains stop at Da Nang, a variety of fare together with type of chairs, it usually costs from 420.000 VND to 940.000 VND/one-way ticket up to each type. It should be chosen the train departs in the late afternoon or evening or night to get to Da Nang in the morning or early afternoon the next day. The ticket can be booked directly in Hanoi or Saigon train station or indirectly through tourism agencies as requested.

By plane: Da Nang has one of three international airports in Vietnam serves domestic flights and some international routes that makes it easy to book a flight from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city to Da Nang of both Vietnam Airline and Jetstar Pacific, as well as other domestic flights from Nha Trang, Hai Phong, Pleiku, Da Lat, Buon Me Thuot, and also some other international ones as Seoul-Incheon, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tokyo-Narita.
In spite of only a small scale, Da Nang International airport is still today is still the most important airport for Central and Western Highlands.
Note: Tourists have the opportunity to book cheap airline tickets if they plan to put tickets early and prices from: 704.000 to 1.529 million VND depending on the time of booking and type of ticket). At the present, Danang airport has some airline operators would like to exploit the journey to Da Nang as: VietJetAir, VietnamAirlines, Jetstar Pacific.

Get around
By cyclo
The vehicle is the symbol of protecting environment for tourism in Da Nang city with the slogan: green – clean – beautiful. Nothing funnier than to be leisurely on the cyclo visiting with the main streets of Da Nang.
Tourists can easily find out a pedicab on many popular places such as: Bach Dang street, Phuong Dong hotel, Han river, Green Plaza, BambooGreen,etc.
Da Nang cyclos are uniform in design, color, it is also very clean with pent roof, and high enough for guests to watch the streets in a very comfortable seat with based soft padded back and annually recurring maintenance. The drivers have themselve uniforms in green, yellow shirt and yellow hat that makes a very professional and special style for the general vehicle.
Cycle fare costs about 60000VND/hour for single passenger, 50000VND/hour for the contract price of tour.
Contact for reference: 0511.3887.722 (Cyclo Group of Da Nang city)

By taxi
There are 6 in Da Nang Taxi firms are active serving the travel needs of the customers. They are always ready to serve the customers in the most whole-hearted and thoughful way at any time.. Here are some reputable taxi firms in Da Nang:
– Song Han taxi – Tel: 05113 655 655 ( 4 seats, 7 seats )
– Mai Linh taxi– Tel: 05113 565 656 ( 4 seats, 7 seats )
– Huong Lua taxi – 05113 828 282 ( 4 seats, 7 seats )
– Airport taxi – 05113 825 555
–  Green taxi (VINASUN taxi) – Tel: 05113 686 868
–  Tiên Sa taxi – Tel: 05113 797 979

On foot
It is not so large centre of the city so the tourist can choose to walk around many places instead of using other vehicles. The traffic here is very civilized and polite so the tourists can feel free to cross the streets, not like in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, they always be scared of being crushed by some out of control drivers trying to run a red light. It is great choice for the tourists to enjoy the best all of the lanscape here.

By bus
It takes every 15 minutes for a bus turn. The tourists can move to many different locations in the city by bus. Just wait at the bus stop and began your journey with reasonable prices. The bus is actually an wonderful transportation for visitors to Da Nang who wants to walk around the city …. Here are some routes you can visiting by bus use:Da Nang – Hoi An, Da Nang – Tam Ky, Da Nang – My Son. It costs from 8,000 VND to less than 20,000 VND / ticket.

By hired motorbike
The tourists would like to feel of freedom to drive a motorbike themselves and explore this beautiful city, please take the reference price of a motorbike for hire as follows:
+ Motorcycles: 80,000 VND / day, 120,000 VND/ overnight
+ Scooters: 120,000 VND / day, 180,000 VND/ overnight
You can rent motorbikes at the following address: Than Thien Nhan Co One Member Company Limited., No. 69 Phan Thuc Duyen (turn in at 100 Nguyen Van Thoai, near the sea T20) – Tel: 84.511.3956996, 0905.860.960.

There are many luxury hotels with very nice view and pretty convenience for travelling in the centre of the city:
Furama Resort Hotel (5 star):  Truong Sa St
Hoang Anh Gia Lai Plaza: No. 1 Nguyen Van Linh street
Novotel Dannang Premier Han River: No. 36 Bach Dang street
Eden Plaza:  No. 5 Duy Tan street

3 star hotel chain are:
Orient Hotel: No. 97 Phan Chau Trinh Street
Bamboo Green Central: No. 158 Phan Chau Trinh Street
Louis Hotel: No. 121 Hung Vuong Street
Saigontourane Hotel: No. 5 Dong Da Street
Da Nang River side Hotel: No. 30 Tran Hung Dao
Kay Hotel: No. 357 Tran Hung Dao

Economic class
There are many small hotels and hostels along Tran Hung Dao street – the east side of the river that starts at the price of 300,000 VND for a single-room in common. Moreover, Phan Chu Trinh, Tran Phu and Hai Phong street are the places that have so many budget hotels and motels.
Some references:
Thien Duc Motel, No. 187 Dong Da, Tel:  (0511) 3825232
Huong Lan Hotel, No. 05 Pham Van Nghi, Tel: (0511) 3652269
Nha Nghi 278, No. 278 Le Van Hien, Tel: (0511).3844877
Railway Guest House, No. 85 Tran Cao Van  Hotline: 0935.676.986

Because of the advantage of position to be in the middle of Vietnam, Da Nang city can easily collect a variety of food sort from all of the regions in the country.

Da Nang is a coastal city, very near the sea so it is  always full of fresh, tasty and inexpensive seafood. Shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops, squid, and many other kinds of marine fish to be in many dishes of steamed, baked, fried, mixed seafood soup, fish soup, etc. However the tourist should remember to make the price agreement before ordering to avoid high charge. There is a restaurant and bar with pretty good prices Ms. Thôi on Le Dinh Duong street, or you can combine swimming together with eating at the beachside restaurant. The seafood restaurant along My Khe beach has nice view, prices are slightly higher, the end of Le Dinh Duong had plenty of hot pot restaurant, popular seafood, steamed fresh-cuttlefish, onion oil grilled “flower” scallops.

Rice paper rolls with pork:  The two best place for the dish are  Tran restaurant at 35 Le Duan Street, Hai Chau District and Mau restaurant at 35 Do Thuc Dinh Street, Cam Le District. It is one of the most favourite streetfood dish of even local people, and impress strongly almost of the tourists have ever tried it. These two restaurants are famous for the sauce that is considered the most important ingredient of the dish.
Rice vermicelli soup: The best sidewalk restaurant for the dish is on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, the price ranges from 8,000 VND – 10,000 VND.
Quang noodle:  Almost Quang noodle dish does not have a precise standard, because in Da Nang The tourists can easily to find themselve a good quality Quang noodle at almost of restaurants in service. Shop 01 Hai Phong, Quang noodles modern shrimp. Each area is famous for one certain recipe. For example, Thanh Chiem Village in Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province is known for shrimp noodle, while chicken noodle is at its best in Tuy Loan, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.

Ba Na Hill station
It is 25 kilometers far from Da Nang centre to Ba Na Hill in the southwest. Ba Na is known as “The green lungs” of the central region in Vietnam and “The Pearl of Climate” of the country. The Creator not only given to it a sparkling and magical beauty but also very fresh air and temperate climate, four season weather in a given day. In adition, the mountains here are many beautiful landscapes as people passionate with its. Today, it is much easier to visit the lanscape thanks to the support of cable system that was officially opened in March 2009 and got 2 Guiness World Records for its height and length. The price for cable ticket is 300,000VND/adult, 250,000 VND/a child 1-1,3m tall, and free admission for children under 1m.

Marble Moutain
Marble Mountain is located in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son, is far about 7 kilometers from Da nang city to the Southeast. Ngu Hanh Son has 2 kilometers length and 800 meters width. The kind of stone in Ngu Hanh Son has a variety of colors is very suitable to become the source of sculpture and other arts.
Ngu Hanh Son is a group includes 5 mountains: Kim Son (Metal Mountain), Thuy Son (Water Mountain), Moc Son (Wood Mountain), Hoa Son (Fire Mountain) and Tho Son (Earth Mountain). Number 05 is the important number in orient and 5 mountains contain unique sense.
Apart from visiting the moutain cluster, the tourist also have the opportunity to explore the cave on the foot of Kim Son Moutain named An Phu cave, that is 50 meters length, 10 meters width and 10-15 meters height.

Danang Museum of Cham Sculpture
The Museum’s first building was opened in 1919, but many Cham sculptures collected in Da Nang, Quang Nam and elsewhere were brought to the site over the preceding twenty years. The tourists can find here a great collection of sculpture form the Hindu-practicing Cham civilization that occupied much of the Middle of Vietnam in the first millennium C.E. through about the 14th century. A tour in about one an hour will cost 30,000 VND.

Linh Ung Pagoda
The Linh Ung pagoda belongs to Son Tra Peninsula, is one of Da Nang’s most-visited attractions. The construction of the pagoda has marked the significant development of Vietnamese Buddhism in the 21st century.  The pagoda is a symbol of the linking between Heaven and Earth. The travellers don’t have to be a Buddhist or religious to be interested.  Everybody can just come to the pagoda to find some spiritual therapy for themselve and some strength to deal with the burdens of your soul.

– Because of the centre of travelling concerning many sacred and revered places, so the tourists have to be careful with the custom during visiting time, advoid putting on revealing and informal clothes.
– Danang is a cilivized city for travelling, the tourists must take care of throwing garbage at designated places.
– Going out for shopping, just be careful with the weight. It is the best way to bring a 550ml fresh water, put it on the scale, if the scale shows its weight 550g, so it is believable scale.
– Remember to make an agrrement of the suitable price when you want to buy anything in the market.

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