Quan The Am (Avalokitecvara) Festival in Da Nang

Quan The Am

Quan Am greets the crowd at a festival bearing her name near Da nang and Hoi An.

Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara/ Quan Yin) Cultural Festival is a traditional festival of Da Nang that is annually held on February 19th (lunar calendar) on Marble Mountain Resort of Da Nang city. It was the first time, the opening day of the Festival was held in Hoa Nghiem grotto on the top of Thuy Son mountain towards the west of Marble Mountain . Two years later, the festival was taken place on the occasion of the inauguration of the Guan Yin Temple in Quan Yin Grotto, is a place where the block of stalactite with the shape of Buddha Avalokitesvara was discovered. Then, because of various reasons the festival has not been held for a long time . Until the Birth Annversary of Buddha Avalokitesvara in 1991 (Lunar February 19th), Guan Yin Festival has just recovered and be organised with a increasingly large magnitude and scale together with a very plentiful content.

Guanshiyin Festival takes place in 3 days, consists of two parts: ceremony and festival.

* Part of ceremony: Taking Buddhist ritual color with the following content:

– Rituals to welcome the light: picking light ceremony is usually held at the evening of May 18th, including torch receiving ceremony, palanquin carrying ceremony, lion dance, dragon dance to pray for revelation from the light for sentient beings, because in Buddhism light means intelligence, with the bright intelligence, the moral will be pure also, and human will do more good deeds.

– Prayer opening ceremony: Ceremony was held in the morning on the 19th, it is a prayer for national security, people’s safe and the peacefulness of sentient beings.

– Requiem Ceremony: This ceremony is also held on the morning of day 19 to pray, worship gathering sentient beings, Buddhist fellows usually post the list of their loved ones who have passed away to the temple for the requiem previously. In the ceremony, it is a principle to invite an authority to master the ceremony.

– Other rituals in the ceremony part are cereony about the Bodhisattava peach about Guanshiyin and the nation, statue of Avalokitesvara carrying Ceremony.

* Part of festival: Taking place lively with lots of cultural and sport activities imbued with national identity and interspersed with modern camouflage carnival, folk songs contest, chess competition, music, painting, sculpture, dance , droping lights on the river, opera, etc. There are also many cultural activities such as exhibitions of calligraphy and ink painting, presentation contests on Marble Moutain, cooking vegetarian contest.

With many cultural events and sport activities imbued with national festivals, Guanshiyin bring religional color but it also goes deep into the national characteristic about festival itself, contributing to recovery and promote the cultural identity of Vietnam.

Guanshiyin Festival is a prayer for national security, people’s safe, for peace of all the country all year round that is also an opportunity for everyone, people of all ages to saok up into the festive atmosphere, reflect themselves in the cultural identity of peoples to live a better day.

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