Han Market (Cho Han), Da Nang

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Han Market

Han Market

Han Market is one of the most favourite shopping places in Danang, Viet Nam. Market shopping is a very Vietnamese tradition. In the market, people can easily find many kinds of fresh food and a variety of necessities.

The market is a great place of shopping for both local people and travellers. Because it is located right next to Han River and has really wide range of products.

Thanks to its prime location together with bold characteristics of Da Nang’s people, Han Local Market has been promoting ability and his strength, not just a normal market for trading activities but is also an attraction of Da Nang tourism for shopping interest.

Han Market is the market that has open and beautiful architecture, with the scale of 576 booths and 36 kiosks around the market with more than 30 different groups of commodity that are decorated very neat and tidy. It is a really important feature to help the shoppers make no sense of weary.

Market is quite diverse and rich with various kinds of goods, from shoes, clothing, fabric, bags to souvenirs, gifts, etc. Especially Han Local Market is famous for fresh seafood, food, fresh fruits and specialties of Danang as the fish sauce stalls, dried goods that the tourists arrive in Da Nang for tourist purpose usually prefer to buy as a gift – a typical dish and really close to Central local people. Han Market has been attracting a lot of tourists coming from different countries in the world. The attractiveness of Han Local Market is not only due to a variety of products but also clean and tidy feature of the market and the price is relatively cheap, because this is wholesale market for the wholesale supply of other small markets.

Actually, the market is a two-story-building including food section on the first floor and clothing one on the second floor. The tourist can be easily to find a distinct area for food trading with a plenty kind of fresh food and dried food also. In the first section right next to the main gate, there are stalls selling souvenirs, sweets and daily necessities. Moving a little bit futher inside, the shoppers can find two roads of stalls selling sweets and dried foods along your left and right sides that are dried squids, dried fishes, dried shrimp, and on the left we have dried fruits. The third section of the first floor is for seafood. The second floor is the area for clothes, fabric, and shoes. Outside the market, we can have a various choice of flowers or fruits.


– Divided section with distinct stalls of various type of products  in Han Market:

+ 1st floor: souvenirs, convenient goods, sweets, rice and offerings, food courts, vegetable, local fish sauce, mat, seafood, noodles, fish, spices.

+ 2nd floor: tailor, clothes, cloth, shoes, beddings.

+ Outside the market: flower and fruit.

– Taking care of wallets, jewelry, bag and other valuable items on your own is protecting you from pick pocket that is a normally social evil in almost of markets. Although Han Market is very clean, tidy and spacious, it is better to be careful.

– You should make an arrangement about the price of the products, if you are a good shopper, you could have a good bargain for your goods in a shopping tour.

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