Muc Dong Parade Festival

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Muc Dong Parade Festival

Muc Dong Parade Festival

Muc Dong Parade Festival is a festival that is held for young children who take care of the buffalos on the fields. Every three years, the festival is held as a solemn feast in Phong Le village, Hoa chau, Hoa Vang, Da Nang at the last two days of March (according to Lunar Calendar) that is a wish of all the local people for a bumper crop.

It is said that there is a local tale in the area that explains about the special name of the festival. Once upon a time, there is a very beautiful grassy in the old village. However, a herds-boy saw a strange scene when he was taking care of his ducks one day, his ducks on the way to the top of the hill are suddenly stuck on the ground and can not move any longer like  invisible hands hold them here. The grassy has been called God Hill from that day. Another day, there is a herd of buffalo lost on the hill, the herds-boys came here to looking for them and nothing happened with these boys. Since here, the hill is spread a rumour that only herds-boy can come here. Con Village has changed the name into Dong Village where the herds-boy in the village gather. After many generations, it is gradually formed a festival dedicated to the young herd, called the procession festival of shepherds.

At the beginning of lunar March, the festival is ready to take place when the farming work is quite free. The big landowners who have some acres and some buffalos (that owns much larger area and many buffalos than others) will be the leader of the festival. They prepare many small flag for the herd-boys in the village and 13 big ones that symbolizes for  13 big families in the village in the old days. Each big flag has a 5-meter-handle and is appended by the symbols that are “Four Supernatural Creatures” (Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, Phoenix).

On the 29th day of the month, the younger members of all families in the village will come back to their hometown and their house no matter where they are. The festival officially starts on these days. The herds-boys hold the flags and walk around the village to express willing about a bumper season of farming. Since early morning, ones who are called as Trum Muc (ones looking after Muc Dongs) put on their special costume and starts to worship the God of agriculture. Then, the parade will begin as the litters are slowly moved. They hold flags up high and make many different sounds by percussion. When the crowd arrives in Con Than Temple, the sound will be lowered. Trum Muc knees down on the carpet, wishper to worship and throws two coins into the small plate in front of him. The festival officially starts at the same time, music begins and the children start to celebrate the festival.

Everybody give hand to hand the distributed food in three halls of the temple when they tell themselves that the God always follow them and keep their crop in a right way, and they also express willing about a forever green of the next paddy fields.

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