Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

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Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

Visitors to Da Nang will enjoy not only the graceful beauty of a quiet, romantic sea, the spectacular scene of the mountains, the beauty of traditional festivals but only you can admire the creative and talented work art in many traditional villages. And the stone village of Non Nuoc is a typical best one and the most unique of Da Nang tourism city.

Non Nuoc craft village located at the foot of Marble Mountain of Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District. There is still the church ” The Founder of Stone Art” and the annual anniversary of the Non Nuoc stone carving career is celebrated on January 6th of lunar month every year. It is known that Non Nuoc stone carving village established and developed by utilizing and combining the elements  of material, human resources and markets to make a unique brand of stone art up to the present.

The tourists will have opportunity to select many types of unique and valuable souvenirs that was honed meticuously by the skilled artisans. The tourists will not be able to resist the sharp lines of the exquisite sculptures. A variety of sculpture products in the craft village will sastify a large number of visitors such as lovely image of erotic couples, the mighty but not less lissom of the jungle lord, or the peace, pure and purity of the Bodhisattvas or Buddha, even the tiny and cute bracelet , the brooch with different shapes and sizes, and many other tiny souvenirs. All of features above create a diverse, rich and unique stone villages.

One of very interesting things for the travelers to visit the manufacturing facilities of stone carving, you not only admire the excellent work, but also see firsthand the artisans carefully and  meticulously do work stone sculpture as well as the manufacturing process of them in detail. All products are hand-sculpted, each finished product requires a lot of time, through many stages, that begins with a rough rock, and then makes the sketches, chooses the color and size, transfers to the rough making period, makes a shape, be cooled, and be polished for the last stage. It takes at least a few days, a few months long, or even lasting the whole year sometimes to make a exquisite stone carving product. The work also expressed professional passion and perseverance of the artisans.

Each sculpture is a result of the meticulous labor of talented and diligent hands. Each drill bits and chiseled features of the artisans are expressed an infinite love with inanimate stones, love for the career for a long tradition of their ancestors, love with the beautiful Vietnam country. Generations of artisans and their descendants everyday works diligently to create the most valuable works, maintaining and promoting the beauty of the traditional villages, introduced to international friends about the talent of Vietnam, the sincerity of the Central Region.

It is proud to have a wonderful stone villages as Non Nuoc Village in the country. Arrived in Da Nang, tourists should not ignore this stone village as one of the most favourite attractions in craft field in Vietnam. The talent and spiritual  Da Nang people to be showed in stone that is not only unyielding, powerful, indomitable, but also pure and transparent.

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