Son Tra poetic peninsula, Da Nang

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Son Tra Peninsula is located in the territory of Son Tra district, 10km far from the center of Da Nang city to the northeast. Island has an area of 60 km2 with 13 km long, 5 km wide at its narrowest place is 2 km.
With elevation of 693 m above sea level, visitors can enjoy the fresh cool winds blowing into from the sea of green space luxuriant blocking shadow as standing on the top of Son Tra . From here you can also have a panaromic view of beautifully natural scenery of Danang, the Marble Mountains, Ba Na-Nui Chua.
The travellers could have many attractive experiences with pristine landscape, spacious and fresh air, walking on the road about ten kilometers along the seashore on smooth gold sand or even class of gently lapping waves, etc.
Day after day, the tide has lasted millions of years, erose and scrub the rocks piled up along the coast, making them smoothly and soft that is always twinkle whenever the sunlight shines on. It looks like an interleaved scenery of mountain and sea that creates blended  and distinct beauty in comparison with other beaches.
There are Fairy Stream and Stone Spring murmuring flowing on the mountain, in a variety of marine beaches such as Bai But, Bai Rang, Bai Nom, Bai Nam, etc . Son Tra has beautiful coral reefs right adjacent to the seaside, this is paradise for pleasure of diving that attracts many tourists would like to explore the world and admire the creatures in the ocean.
Son Tra Peninsula is Nature Reserve enriched with rich and diverse of forest cover area of 4000 hectares, a part of which is hilly land covered by industrial plants, this is the crossroads of two flora and fauna of South and North. Given the importance and the value of natural, the Creator endowed human here are protected under national regime of forbidden forest. According to statistics, surveys of scientists, the Son Tra has many kinds of rare animals such as deer, monkeys, gibbons, orangutans,etc.
The poetic scene of moutain and jungle, airy moments, peaceful seaside are all of what always brings a deep impression on human nature to the tourists who wants to wallow in it.

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