What to pack for a trip to Da Nang

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What to bring
According to weather, the tourists want to have a convenient and comfortable trip to Da Nang, should pay attention packing for tripto know how to pack for a trip to Da Nang city thanks to some introduction as following:

– At the beginning of the dry season (From January to March): The weather in Danang in the period is quite cool every year, the tourists only need to bring normal costume for cool season such as: shorts, jean and T-shirt, but not so thin ones. It is  also necessary to prepare one set of long sleeves and warm clothes to prevent the trip from being influenced of cold air overflowing from the North to the South occasionally.
– In the middle to the end of the dry season (From April to August): This is annually the  hottest time in Da Nang. The tourists should bring the thinnest clothes for hot weather, the most suitable ones are thin shorts, jean and T-shirt. With the female tourists, it is a great idea to prepare sun scream to protecting your skin from the sun when you walking or swimming in the sun. Specially you should bring a set of long sleeved clothes when you go to Ba Na Hill Moutain Resort.
– From September to December: The travellers should prepare clothes for the period like in the period from January to March. The weather at this time is really cool, sometimes there is a winter frost with the cold air flowing from the North. With the tourists who come from the hot region, it is necessary to bring much more warm clothes. Specially, the visitors should take care of making a decision to come here in the period, because it is the season of rain and storm.

If you are passionate about photography, the camera is an indispensable items, you should not let yourself regret not bringing a camera to save the beautiful scenery in the city.

Suitable shoes
There are so many visitors in the city every time in Da Nang, so you should bring a pair of sandals or flat shoes if you want to to enjoy yourself in the crowded pedestrian flows easily.

Sun-proof items
– To the female travellers, one thing is extremely important one for their trip to Da Nang  that they should not forget bringing to protect their skin from severe sunshine in dry season (especially the period from April to August) is sun cream. Cream with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 or higher is often chosen.
– If you like nature and the sightseeing that are scared of the glare sunshine in Da Nang, the end of dry season in particular, the sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat will help to restrict the disadvantages.

Beach dress up
Da Nang is a coastal city, famous for atractive and beautiful beachs, the tourists should remember prepare suitable swimwear and many other important things to enjoy themselves with marine tourism. The most suitable are usually swimsuit, swimming glass, towel, clothes for beach walking, suitable shoes, hat, sun-glasses,etc.

Personal supplies
Although you can buy their personal items in the city, you should prepare all in advance for the convenient and suitable for themselve. Because you can not know exactly how and where to buy all of the suitable items with a good price in the first time coming to the city. Preparing well will help you to save your time and save for the trip. Some references are given as toothbrush, toothpaste, milk or soap for bath , shampoo, razors, waterproof cosmetics,etc.

Each trip no matter where you want to go, including Da Nang city, you should also prepare some medicines such as gastrointestinal medicine (in case you eat not suitable food in the trip), anodyne, anti-allergy pills; medicines for colds, sore throat, fever; creams for insect bites; anti-motion sickness. They are useful items that will help you quickly handle many small problems when you are still not adapted to the environment of the city.

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