Cau Bong Festival, Hoi An

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Cau Bong Festival is held annually on January 7th according to lunar calendar at Tra Que Village, Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An Province, Quang Nam Province. The festival has the meaning as a necessary ritual to initiate a new crop for the area. Hundreds of families around all try to prepare the most valuable and significant offerings to worship on the altar and pray for a plain sailing year together with abundant vegetable crop and prosperous life for everybody.

Firstly, we should refer to the ritual of deity parade. From the early morning, many people had gathered in the commune house and the temples to take part in the ceremony. The most interesting thing that is easily to recognize the festival is a group of women putting on long dress with the five fruit tray on their hand.

Tra Que village has been well-known for planting vegetable career for a very long time. And Cau Bong Festival will be organized with a large scale for the year of abundant vegetable crop. Apart from the part of ceremony, there are also many activities for entertainment during the festival for the resident to prepare for a new crop and believe in a good crop in the upcoming year. As soon as the procession just gets in the commune house or the temple, the oldest men in the village as the representatives of the ceremony will starts the traditional ritual to convey the opening ceremony of the festival. There are many offerings put on the altars such as fruit, rice, salt, paper clothes and spiritual objects to sacrifice. After one hard working year, the local residents would like to express their gratefulness to the superior about the recent crop during their relaxed time.

Subsequently, people come into the official ritual of the festival with the altar full of fruit , flower and many other kinds of offerings, specially a spring chicken. According to the local people, the spring chicken used to worship is choose really carefully that is a young rooster with nice feather, precisely hard-boiled with intact skin and nerve.

Nowadays, each person is also aware of their significant appearance in the festival, so that

All of the residents in Tra Que and the neighboring villages are all always eager to join the festival annually.

It is the common practice for the festival that Tra Que Village Festival always starts with the ritual of hoeing up ground to plant vegetable competition. The winner will be invited to the party.

Cau Bong Festival in Tra Que Village has become an unique characteristic of craft village’s culture that attracts a large number of tourists to attend. Also from the festival, all of the residents in the village become more and more friendly to each other that creates a great union among people for the area.

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