Death anniversary of edible bird’s nest career, Hoi An

by Administrator | Friday, Jul 11, 2014 | 1134 views

Cu lao chamOn annually 9th and 10th of March according to lunar year, the death anniversary of edible bird’s nest usually takes place in Tan Hiep commune, Cham Island. The festival is organized to pray for the fortune and peace, express the thankfulness to the ancestors who had significant contribution to create the career of edible bird’s nest business.

The annual death anniversary of edible bird’s nest is an common practice that has existed in the area for 150 years to memorize and give gratefulness to the helpful ancestors who created the career for the area of Cham Island. In recent years, this festival is also a ceremony to pray for the peace of Bai Huong local people at the beginning of a year to express their expect about a favorable and prosperous upcoming year, simultaneously improve the pride and aware of protecting precious and rare natural resource of the island.

According to the genealogy, Thach Tan commune house was built in eleventh century, was displaced three times and restored so many times, however it still keeps the original shape. This is place to worship the great predecessor of the area also. The commune house has a connection with revolutionary tradition of Tam Thang Commune. Together with Ky Anh tunnel, Thach Tan commune house was recognized as Historic Monument of National Level in 1997.

The worshiping day takes place as a festival together with such many activities: worshiping the ancestor of edible bird’s nest career, festival of fishing village (horizontal boat racing, tug of war by boat in the sea, “bai choi” art organization, blindfold breaking pot game, etc), festival night in Cham Island (traditional art performance, singing and dancing exchange among mainland, island and tourists, etc). Food market with diverse kind of specialties (seafood specialties, forest vegetable, glutinous rice cake, dried bird’s nest, bird’s nest boiling down with lotus seeds, bird’s nest alcohol, holothurian and abalone alcohol, etc), tour for island sight-seeing or tour for Cham Island sight-seeing around, Bai Huong fishing village, watching coral and seafood in the water by boat with glass bottom at Bai Nan area.

Attending the festival, the tourists have opportunity to take part in a tour at To Vo Cave. You can go to this cave by boat to take a look at bird’s habitation and know more about how to exploit the bird’s nest career in Hoi An.

Apart from the activities, the travelers can enjoy themselves to take some alcohol that is soaked together with bird’s eggs and many precious seafood types such as alcohol of holothurian, abalone, fish, cuttle-fish, crab, forest vegetable, etc.

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