Dragon Boat Parade Festival (Long Chu Parade Festival)

by Administrator | Sunday, Jul 13, 2014 | 1278 views

long chut festivalLong Chu is the word to refer to a boat that has a shape of a dragon. This is luxury vehicle only use for the travelling of the kings in old days. It is annually organized on January 15th and July 15th (according to lunar year) that takes place at a commune house or the place to gather the local people in the village.

In the old days, there is a popular lack of good environment and so many disasters in the ancient village that many epidemic diseases easily spreading. Therefore, the residents in the community are all responsible to take part in the festival.    The authorities and the header of tontines delegates a boards of the ceremony that is led by a sorcerer.

The local people have to prepare for everything and finish it about one day before the festival begins. The festival usually lasts for 2 days.

Before the ceremony, the magician put a spell on the altar and the places that to be considered as the ghost and devil ’s existence, followed by young men and women holding spear to clear village roads, while they are singing some folk songs in the funny atmosphere. On the day of the ceremony, the Grand Master will make ​​the sacrifice and the procession of dragon boat around the village to eliminate the ghost, devil and all of the bad things in life. During day and night, there are so many folk games, “hat boi” and “ho khoan” activities are organized.

Hoi An residents are almost immigrants, mixed residential, where the area should naturally absorb the culture of the many regional relations. In terms of urban development and to be the transshipment of international trade, Long Chu festival should be the integration and harmony between Buddhism, Taoism and folk beliefs. This is a composite activity, there is the shadow of one kind of spell in Cham, the concept of bringing the dead soul through Giac Hai station of the Chinese, offering traces of early crop for Thai ancestors and the spirit of thanksgiving of some countries in Southeast Asia.

Long Chu Festival, is actually a great offensive to eliminate evil spirits and diseases as well as tools to convey, express deeply culture of farming communities. Despite of level, the festival always carry the meaning of union and harmony to help human to win and survive.

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