Full Moon Festival, Hoi An

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Full Moon Festival

Full Moon Festival

On lunar 14th every month – the day of full moon, Hoi An ancient town as usual becomes luxuriously beautiful thanks to the lantern festival. In these days, routes of the old town along Huai river shut down motorized vehicles since 4:00 pm, and at 6:00 pm the ranges of lantern will go on to make a really colorful and attractive space.

On the river, the lantern appears brilliant, even pretty small bridge of Japanese Bridge is also lit by many kinds of big and small lanterns. Tourists are always very excited with the luxury and romantic space in a full moon night.

Along the streets, the color of lanterns on the wooden door hide almost of electrical light. Hoi An people love their homeland to use the lantern products to light all of the sign panels and decorative lamps. Even many shops completely lights off normal lamps lit up by electricity, just use the colorful ranges of lantern to illuminate objects.

On the road, visitors are interested in lantern festival night. This is the common practice in Hoi An every month for many years, and many people come here with the main target of this unique festival. The lanterns are made ​​of colorful paper, with very cheap price that is only from 2,500 – 5,000 VND sold widely along the stretch of the city center.

Visitors buy many kinds of lantern here to drop them off into water, this means they will have a willing comes true when they drop the lantern in this way. Many couples or group of friends can even hire a boat to float along the river, bring the lantern along with them and drop them down into the river.

The tourists can have great experience with tens of store in the area selling lantern on the bank of the river. Thousands of lantern here is very colourful and attractive that makes the tourists completely enthralled. Hoi An local people are very friendly and hospitable, so that they almost never sell the things with unfair price, you can easily get a lantern with reasonable price, small one is about 5,000 VND or a bigger one is 15,000 – 50,000 VND, etc.

Especially, for the tourist who love to take photographs, this is a great space to save their best memory in a colourful night of Full Moon Festival.

Hoi An city is always quiet, though the festival operates with a large number of tourists, things are moving very gentle, leisurely and safe. Perhaps because of this lifestyle, all activities usually stop at 10:00 pm, then to 11:00 pm the shimmering light of the festival has given way for the blurred light from several small restaurants on the sidewalk.

Therefore, after going to all the places to shop, take pictures and dropping the lantern for an enjoyable night in Hoi An, you can stop at a bar, call yourself the favorite drink and hang out with your friends to have a perfect night in the atmosphere of the festival.

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