Kim Bong carpentry village, Hoi An

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Kim Bong carpentry village, Hoi An

Kim Bong carpentry village, Hoi An

Kim Bong carpentry village situated in Cam Kim Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province. Kim Bong Carpentry is a brand name of Hoi An together with the ancient town. This craft village has more than 600 years old, was formed in the 15th century by their job ancestor who emigrated from Thanh Nghe at the time.

By the late 16th century, Kim Bong carpentry flourished along with Hoi An ancient town and had great contribution in the development of this port by the ship building jobs, building houses, making carpentry furniture or crafts and fine art products.

Late 16th century, early 17th century Kim Bong carpentry began to develop thanks to the flourishing trading port of Hoi An. By the 18th century, Kim Bong carpentry has developed a strong and thriving village with three distinct groups of professions: ancient architecture construction, civil wooden furniture and shipbuilding.

Lots of house architecture, temple architecture, etc in Hoi An imprinted Kim Bong carpenter’s hand. The architecture is beautiful, unique with exquisite sculpture by the talented craftsmen of Kim Bong. Carpentry worker of Kim Bong is also proud to be asked to go to the capital to build the project by the Nguyen Lords in Dang Trong and the Nguyen Dynasty.

Today, a tour to Kim Bong Carpentry Village is attractive for the tourist to see the artisans working skillfully on the crafts. It usually takes a half of day to look around the village.

The tourist will admire the wooden sculptures crafted by artisans in the place of production such as in artisan Huynh Ri’s house or the display self of some travel companies in the village, and they can have opportunity to see with their own eyes the manufacturing process of the craft products.

Visiting Kim Bong carpentry village among enormous corn fields, rice paddies, going on the little tortuous roads and exploring the special features in the lives of people as well as the carpentry workshop tour will give visitors a deep sense of the craft villages and people’s life along the two banks of the river.


– The most usual vehicle to go to the craft village is by a boat trip.

– No entrance fee to the village.

– The most suitable time to visit the village everyday is from 07:30 AM to 05:00 PM.

– A bicycle tour is encouraged here.

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