Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An

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Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An

According to the Vietnamese tradition, Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival to be held in the middle of autumn, that is full moon day in August every year based on the lunar calendar, usually on the 14th and 15th of lunar August. August lunar is known as a legendary collection of the most beautiful night of a year because it shows off the most perfect moon that is big, round and bright the most. Hoi An celebrities the festival in the same way of many other regions in Vietnam, however the prominent tradition of festival about lantern features Hoi An a incredible Mid-Autumn Festival that is much more interesting than the other areas.

Right from the beginning of the month, the festival has been prepared with many kinds of colourful lantern with different shapes, together with soft cake and baked cake that are both called Moon Cake or Mid-Autumn Festival pie, and children’s toys with the most significant ones are paper doctor and 5-pointed star shaped lantern.

On this occasion, people make a banquet and prepare offering, fruit, cake, etc to worship their ancestor. In this Tet holiday, the adults can drink alcohol, enjoy the moon and sing the folk songs while the children attend the candlelight parade, watch unicorn dance, sing the songs about Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the fruit and cake prepared by their parents before.

In these bustling days, Hoi An is always decorated colourful 5-pointed star shaped lantern as the specific characteristic of the festival. On the main square and bustling major roads the sound of drums rang out continously, people are eager to pour into the street to enjoy unicorn and lion dance that is once more specific characteristic of this festival.

In addition, according to the legend Mid-Autumn Festival is also a suitable and regular occasion to foresee about the situation of the upcoming harvest and national state in near future thanks to watching the moon’s color.  If the moon is yellow, it means the local people will have a greater and more abundant harvest byt than the previous one. In case it is blue or green, then it is the forecast for a bad crop with many natural disasters and if the moon is in the color of orange, it means the country will be peaceful and prosperous in the upcoming period.

Nowadays, Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An has become a form of cultural activity with many unique forms. It dearly become fond of the local people’s life in particular young people that is indispensable during full moon period in August. And it is also the perfect product of local tourism, attracting many visitors and researchers to come.

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