Thanh Ha pottery village festival

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thanh ha festival

thanh ha festival

With a history of nearly 500 years, pottery village festival, a cultural and spiritual activities of local communities Thanh Ha in Hoi An Province is always taken place lively, with lots of traditional rituals are performed by the main artisans and farmers in the local area.

Right from early morning, the main part of ceremony to worship the ancestor to be paraded throughout many streets that including the attendance of about 100 men and women from Nam Dieu Temple to Qing Temple. The temple is used as a place for the local resident to worship, honour and expect favour from the merit of their job ancestor.

The local people here said that Thanh Ha pottery career is originated from Thanh-Nghe region to be brought here since the fifteenth century. Through ups and downs century, the local resident continuously built house to create the village, improve technology that makes it a Thanh Ha well-known pottery village to everywhere. Although it is not as good and famous as Phu Lang or Bat Trang Pottery Village in the northern, many artisans and predecessors. Many local artisans has listed as valuable hierarchy of the country.

Even in the funeral oration, the festival is organised according to traditional ritual to pray for peaceful country, prosperous household, abundant crops together with expressing the thankfulness their job ancestor’s merit. The rumour of descendant reminds the pride and the hope of many villages such as Nam Dieu, Thanh Chiem, Boc Thuy, etc. Because of the consolidation, the land area is higher increasingly where brought up so many strong-willed patriotic scholars and famous people.

After worshiping ceremony, Thanh Ha local people mostly wear shirt made of cloth and flower towel to welcome the tourists to take part in the festival together with so many folk games such as: carry the women on the back, excellent merchant, polishing pottery competition, cooking rice by a clay pot, etc. The most interesting activity is boat racing, “bai choi” art competition that are taken place since the previous day of the festival.

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