Thanh Ha Traditional Ceramic Village, Hoi An

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Thanh Ha Traditional Ceramic Village

Thanh Ha Traditional Ceramic Village

Thanh Ha ceramic village located close to the banks of Thu Bon River, belongs to Thanh Ha Ward,  Hoi An City, about 2km away from the old town to the west. With over 500 years old, Thanh Ha ceramic village in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province that attracts a lot of visitors by the exquisite and unique ceramic products.

According to legend, in the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, the artisans from Nghe An, Thanh Hoa moved into Thanh Ha village to settle down, created pottery trade and handed down to the present day. Under the Nguyen dynasty, Thanh Ha pottery village flourished. Thanh Ha ceramic has been even registered is the official geographical record of Vietnam’s Nguyen dynastywritten in Chinese . Also few people know that Thanh Ha pottery workers have been providing roofing tiles, floor tiles for the ancient houses in Hoi An and the surrounding areas.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village was formed in late 16th century and thrived along with the port of Hoi An in the next centuries. Product Thanh Ha pottery is made from the raw material of clay by  skilled hand of local artisans and traditional techniques of the village. Products are mainly served as utensils in daily life activities such as cup, bowl, jar, big jar, vase, shapes of breedings, etc with various design and color and specifically lighter than the same kind of products of other localities.

Up to now, Thanh Ha pottery village still exists and operates handicraft manufacture with traditional techniques and facilities. Therefore, Thanh Ha pottery village becomes a living museum, a valuable resource for scientists to find out and study about ancient pottery of Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general.

Coming to the traditional pottery village, the visitors can not only learn about the skillful handicraft but also have opportunity to experience how to make a pottery product themselves, they can even make a completed pottery product to take home as a souvenir thanks to the help of the worker here. Tourists can make their own products under the instruction of craftsman and wait to take their product after a period of time for baking.

How to get there

From Hoi An ancient town, go towards Vinh Dien Town along Duy Tan Street, you can see the indicator board to the ceramic village.

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