Top 10 Hoi An local dishes

Hoi An Local dishesHoi An is a small city, however the food culture is extremely plentiful. Therefore, even after having a tour all around the ancient city, you can hardly enjoy all of its specialities. Here are the most delicious dishes and their addresses that are available to enjoy when you come to this special place.

1. Hoi An Chicken Rice
Rice u sed for the dish is very tasty, sweet-smelling and soft that is carefully selected, marinated and then cooked with chicken broth and pineapple leaves by firewood stove. Chicken meat is selected that is young one, soft and not friable, firm muscle but not tough, thin skin and sweet-smelling meat. Finally rice is presented on the plate, ripped chicken is put on rice, served with onions, souring papaw, Tra Que fines herbs, soya sauce and chili sauce. In addition, there is a mixing bowl of soup served with heart, liver and kidney of chicken. With all the meticulous and meticulous skill in the way of their processing, Hoi An local people have created a very particular chicken rice, it is enough to mark it a name: Hoi An Chicken Rice.

Where to eat
Come to Hoi An, the tourist can try the dish at some famous addresses:
– Ba Buoi Chicken Rice Restaurant at 22 Phan Chu Trinh, with the price of 35,000 VND/one dish.
– Ba Ho Chicken Rice Restaurant
– Ba Huong – Kiet Sica Chicken Rice Restaurant on Le Loi street.
– Ms Thuan Chicken Rice Restaurant at 17/4 Hai Ba Trung street, This is the small restaurant, serves with resonable price, ice tea free. Opened at 3pm everyday.

2. Cao Lau
It is said that Cao Lau appeared in Hoi An in the seventeenth century , when Hoi An was carrying out open-door policy to welcome many foreign trader to come in transaction in business. It may be the reason why the dish of Hoi An has many influences from Chinese cuisine and also a little influence from the Cold Udon noodles of Japanese. However, Cao Lau of Hoi An still brings it own characteristic and the tourists can only find a true flavour of the dish in Hoi An.

Where to eat
It is very easy to find the dish to enjoy  in Hoi An, from many street vendors to many restaurant on Tran Phu Street, the most famous restaurant  for Cao Lau is Ba Be Restaurant. Another one is available for this dish on Tran Phu Street is Trung Bac Restaurant , that is said that it has more than 100 years old of experience, very tasty and qualitative dish as true flavour.

3. White Rose Dumplings Cake
White Rose Dumplings Cake including 2 kinds of cake has the same material and way of processing that are usually served together on a plate. The main material for processing these two kinds of cakes is rice, that is really white, whole grain, supple, sweet-smelling, cultivated on clean land. Filling of cauldron cake is made from minced peeled shrimp and mixed with a a little pepper, garlic, onion, lemongrass together with many esoteric spices. And filling of dumpling cake is made of pork, dried black fungus, thinly sliced scallions and sauteed with all of those spices. People believe that the esoteric spices is the only thing that can make the flavour of the dish in Hoi An becomes unique and the most tasty than anywhere.

Where to eat
White Rose Restaurant (Bong Hong Trang Restaurant) on Hai Ba Trung street is really famous for the cake. You can not only enjoy a good White Rose Dumplings Cake here, but also can take the opportunity to observe the meticulous process of making the cake.

4. Baby Clams with Rice Cracker
Baby clams is stirred on high heat with many kind of spices as chicken/pork stock, pepper, chili powder, garlic, lemongrass, mint, fish sauce, sliced onion, etc. Sesame rice cracker including 2 layers, grilled layer is relatively thin with the diameter of about 20cm. When people enjoy it, they must use the edge of their hand to beat the cake into 2 halfs or use fingers to crop slightly the cake to make it be broken into 2 pieces. The dish is served hot with rice  cracker as an “edible spoon”.

Where to eat
Old Woman Restaurant (Ba Gia Restaurant) at Hamlet No.1, Cam Nam Commune, Hoi An City (Going through Cam Nam Bridge, then go straight crossing to the first bend about 200m, you will see the restaurant on the right hand side). Except this restaurant, there are about other nine or ten restaurants around the area that are available for Baby Clams with Rice Cracker also.

5. Sweet Corn Pudding
Vietnamese sweet corn pudding is a rustic dish, becomes really popular and famous in Hoi An because it is made from a very tasty and well-known corn of Cam Nam area in Hoi An city. Unlike the South pudding, corn pudding of Hoi An is not cooked with coconut milk that can remain the original taste of corn, served together with only a little coconut milk sprinkled up on the dish to increase the fatty flavour. Cam Nam corn season is also the season of pudding is from March to September every year.

Where to eat
All the small restaurants for the dish of Baby Clams with Rice Cracker are also available for the dish of Hoi An sweet corn pudding. You can follow in the above address.

6. Hoi An Steamed Rice Pancakes
To make the cake, used rice is selected carefully to pick out the most tasty, fragrant, and soft one. Filling of the cake is mostly made ​​from local products, such as shrimp, meat. When the guests come to the restaurant, the seller is about to prepare more cup of cakes on a tray, people will scoop and pour the filling into, add a little more oil, chili sauce, dried onion and display all of them on table. People have to use “bamboo knife” to eat the cake which is a sharpened bamboo bar with the shape of a knife. This unique cuisine style is the difference from many other dishes in Hoi An made from rice that makes visitors much more curious about the dish. According to one’s flavour, you can add a little bit fish sauce or chili.

Where to eat
Steamed rice pancake is available in many restaurants all over the local area. However, you can see the most restaurants for the dish in the areas around Hoi An city such as Cam Chau or Cam Nam.

7. Quang Noodle
This dish share a little similarity with Cao Lau dish in Hoi An, that is the reason why some people can not distinguish the two local dishes if they only look at them. However, you can know how they are strongly different  flavour with only one try. Quang Noodle is usually served along with shrimp, meat, quail egg, etc. It can not severed perfectly without grilled rice cracker and side vegetable.

Where to eat
In Hoi An, Quang noodles is available for both local people and tourists everywhere, from urban restaurants to the eateries in the rural areas, but the most interesting way to try Quang noodles is still to enjoy it at the street vendors inside the mossy pavement.

8. Hoi An Wonton Dumplings
Wonton dumpling, essentially the same as the Chinese dish, has appeared in Hoi An for a very long time and become one of Hoi An’s specialities. Wonton dumplings includes so many type of processing ways such as wonton dumpling soup, wonton dumplings noodles, fried wonton dumpling, etc. And one type of these will have many different flavours as pork, chicken, shrimp, etc.

Fried wonton dumplings is the most famous in these above. It is a luxurious dry dishes, are commonly used in parties as a appetizer, along with spring rolls, grilled chopped meat. As eating fried wontons, you must sprinkle potato and tomato sauce onto the surface of the cake to make a yellowish wonton dish, in the middle of the cake is a round shrimp pellet, that is really good-looking, fragrant and delicious.

Where to eat
You can try the speciality at Van Loc Restaurant on Tran Phu street or for more popular one is a small restaurant at 26 Thai Phien street.

9. Steamed Rice Rolls
Steamed Rice Rolls or Banh Cuon is thin crepe that usually goes with minced pork, wood ear mushroom, fried onions, and often eaten with Vietnamese ham (cha lua), steamed bean sprouts, and cucumbers. The reason for its thinness is explained by the process to make the cake. Banh cuon is made extremely thin because the maker steams one by one cake over a fabric covered pot that is really hot. A cake is spread on the cloth and quickly rolled by a flat and flexible bamboo stick and then lift off the delicate rice crepe. Banh cuon is always served along with fish sauce.

Where to eat
You can find out the local dish at many restaurants along Huai River.

10. Sizzling Hot Pancakes
Hoi An pancake is genuine specialties of the local area. The main material for making this kind of cake including tasty rice, shrimp, meat used for the filling of pancake. To make the pancakes, the maker have to sit constantly close to the hot furnace for a long while, so it is the rainy season from October to December is the best season for making pancakes in Hoi An.

Where to eat
Gieng Ba Le Restaurant at the alley of Phan Chu Trinh Street, Ba Le Restaurant at 45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street.

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