Tra Que Herb Village, Hoi An

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Tra Que Traditional Herb Village is 3 km far from Hoi An ancient town to the northeast, located in Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province that is long well-known for many kinds of vegetable grown on fertile soil, fertilized with seaweed taken from the Co Co River, and it is the reason why vegetable here should have a special taste and private characteristic. Tra Que is not only a famous brand name for making fresh vegetable but also an attractive destination for both local and foreign tourists.

From ancient times until now, Tra Que vegetable village is famous for over 20 types of leafy vegetables and herbs, especially nowhere has more delicious vegetables  such as basil, sweet basil, perilla, etc than in Tra Que. When mixing vegetables together will have enough five tastes: spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, acrid.Thanks to this special flavor,Tra Que vegetables have contributed to the well-known folk dishes in Hoi An and Quang Nam. Vegetables, onions, cilantro is associated with jellyfish salad, acidulated soup; fragrant knotweed, basil, green onions used in mussel dish that is favourite dish in the Cam Nam. And people should eat Quang noodles with Tra Que vegetables that are a great combination of natural flavors.

According to farmer here, Tra Que vegetable should first be “clean” from selecting land and water systems that are not contaminated. The land is made to be humus and unconsolidated by  animal manure to be completely decomposed compost or rotten vegetable. Growers use advanced science technique to produce clean vegetables under a closed process. So that the product will not affect the environment, the vegetable here especially not directly affect consumers.

Coming to Tra Que vegetable village you will feel the cultural identity of a traditional village, see with your own eyes the view of the green village of vegetables that is very clean and beautiful. Along with local farmers to exchange, learn about cultivation techniques, how to take care and harvest vegetables. After bathing and relaxing, you will enjoy dishes made ​​from vegetables of Tra Que endemic one, they are specialties of Quang Nam such as Banh Dap(Rice paper cakes), banh vac, mussel, shrimp , Quang noodle, Cao Lau, etc. Moreover, you even have opportunity to take the feet care by traditional medical methods (soaking feet in bowl of water that is cooked by vegetables picking from the garden). Foot massage will help to make your feet relaxing after experiencing long distance.

Since Hoi An became an attractive destination for the tourist, Tra Que village is also known much more by the travellers. They would like to come here to know about how to plant fresh vegetable, watch green field of vegetable, do the fertilization and irrigation together with the growers for experience, ride bicycle around the village to enjoy peaceful scene here. These are actually great experiences for the visitor coming to Tra Que Herb Village.


– Opening hours of the village: 07:30 AM to 05:00 PM.

– Suggested transportation: bike, motorbike, taxi are all ok.

– Free for entrance.

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