Whale worshiping festival

by Administrator | Sunday, Jul 13, 2014 | 2260 views

cn4Whale Worshiping Festival is usually organized at Ong Museum according to the death anniversary of whale or the place local people discovered the death body of whale. The festival is originated from primitive credence of the coastal residents. After the ceremony of the festival, there are usually “ba trao”, “hat boi” and “ho khoan” performance as a traditional custom.

In this occasion, the altar of each family is decorated very radiantly and solemnly. All of them prepare many kind of offerings to put on the altar and decorate the boat by light and flower. The ceremony to pray for the peace is organized in the first night of the festival in the village under the instruction of the juniors who has great reputation on the fishing village. The main responsible person present the offerings (usually not use sea food) and speak out loud the funeral oration to express the gratefulness of the local resident to the merit of the whale and simultaneously pray for an abundant harvest for fishing together with plain and sailing cruise in the incoming year.

Every time they put out to sea, the local people usually do the sacrifice before they leave. Sometimes they get the free help from the whale when they are in trouble with the disasters. In human’s spirit, fisherman always trust in the kind of animal, because it is the one of virtuous and scared symbol that is respectfully called as “Ca Ong” or “Ong”, although it is only a legend and nobody know for sure it as a fact.

The festival takes place from the early morning and lasts until the late evening that attract a great number of local people and travelers, specially coastal residents to take part in.

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