What to buy in Hoi An?

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HA-Shop-BaBaAs one of world cultural heritages was recognized by UNESCO, Hoi An is also known as the shopping paradise.  Along the nooks and crannies in the old town and the streets outside, Hoi An is flooded with fabric stores, apparel, footwear, jewelry, furniture made of wood, coconut or bamboo. Lots of things are worthy to buy as souvenirs or utensils. These following items are the most famous and popular one for the shopper in Hoi An, but hardly to see in other areas.

Hoi An Lantern

Hoi An lanterns has become its own culture of the ancient city, which has  plentiful color expressing talent and exquisite beauty of Vietnamese craftsmen. Lantern in Hoi An is made quite beautiful, light and compact that can be very suitable for tourists to buy as a memento of the old town. It is easy to find out a lantern in the shops on Tran Phu street as Tuoi Ngoc or Ngoc Thu Lanterns Shop and in many other stores on Le Loi, Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Price is depending on size, color, shape of each one. It’s not expensive, very suitable for gifts. The various price for lantern is from the cheapest one 10,000 VND to the most expensive 200,000 VND.


Footwear in Hoi An is also abundant of models, from the wooden shoes to the most luxury and beautiful pair of shoes. Sellers are really enthusiastic and welcoming for the tourists to make sure that they would find the appropriate pair of shoes for one.

There are many famous footwear stores in Hoi An such as Funky Shoes Store at 38 Bach Dang, Cam Tu Shoes Store on Hoang Van Thu street, etc. Especially there is one special kind of sandals in Hoi An called sedge sandal that looks so cute, very soft and comfortable to put on. Sedge sandals are sold in many shops on the streets and in the markets of Hoi An.


Garment industry is highly developed in Hoi An, in which the service called “quick sewing” to meet the demands of visitors quickly while still ensuring quality and high aesthetic. Fabric is very nice here, sewing is really clever and thoughtful. Visitors to Hoi An for their love to sew the traditional Vietnamese “ao dai” that will have opportunity to get a gentle and beautiful one here. Therefore, there are 57 business households of sewing and fabric shops in service of visitors in Minh An ward – Zone I of ancient town. Apart from these stores, many other shops such as shop Thu Thuy, Yaly, Phuong Huy, Thang Loi, A Dong Silk, Dong A, Bao Khanh, Gia Hung, Hanh Hung, Cam Nhan, etc are always available for plenty of fabric and clothes sample.

Hoi An has long been known for “quick sewing” service, only in less than 3 hours, the customer had an outfit that compliments their lifestyle. In specific processes, customers choose fabric and sample of costume in the store and then they are measured for the body figure, leave the address of the hotel where they stay. During appointments as agreement , a member of the store will bring costume store in person for visitors to try. If you have not satisfied, your costume will be revised for more fit and beautiful costume.

Those who have been to Hoi An agreed that clothes sewing is both cheap and pretty here, even very fast to get the product. Only in a few hours, workers will finish sewing the satisfactory clothes for you. Even if you can not wait to get your costume, just need to leave your measured figure and address, the store will send the products to your place for you.

Art paintings

Art paintings is one of special products of Hoi An, that we can not forget to refer in the list of must-buy things in Hoi An.  Gathering a great numbers of artists, Hoi An offers a quite variety of beautiful paintings, in which each painting’s price sometimes reaches up to several tens of millions (counted by VND). You can find a painting for sale in the galleries as La Gai, Ha Ly, Thon Viet, Kim Chi, etc in Hoi An.


After shopping in inner city region of this ancient town, the tourists should not forget to visit several shops selling souvenirs such as Au Lac on Tran Phu Street, Memory Shop on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street Memories, etc. You will feel excited when you catch here many interesting souvenirs such as the wood sculptures, bags, masks, reliefs, statues of Buddha’s head or simply “to he” statue of the old woman sitting at the gate of the Bridge Pagoda. Lots of souvenirs in Hoi An are suitable to give your friends after a long distance trip.

* Tips

– You always have to think how much should be paid to not buy at an unfair price. Normally, The tourists should try to pay about half price and pay a little more if you really like the product.

– Only a few stores accept card payment, so you should prepare a little cash to go shopping here.


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