How Can The Tourists Apply For Vietnam Visa

Besides the guides to Vietnamese cuisine, transportation, shopping, etc., it’s essential to point out the way how to apply for Vietnam Visa successfully.

Passport – The Foremost Criterion
First of all, a valid passport (have minimum 6 months of validity and left pages) is required to apply for the passport to Vietnam. At present, there stands the requirement to provide the details of passport including its number, date and place of issue, and your birth information to confirm the airline services. Importantly, the applicant’s first and last names indicated on the passport must be the same to those written on the travel tickets.

The Basics of Vietnam Tourist Visa
With the valid passport, you can apply for the entry visa at Vietnam Diplomatic Agencies. Please note that the citizens of some countries which have signed the unilateral or bilateral visa omission agreement with Vietnam can enter this country without the visa requirement such as Japan, Scandinavians, South Korea, and the ASEAN countries.

In case of the Tourist Visa, it has the validity of 1-month single entry and 1-month multiple entries. The maximum stay of Tourist Visa is 30 days; also, the foreign tourists can ask for the one-time extension of 30 days.

Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival
Though it’s easy to obtain the Visa from the Vietnamese Embassy in the foreign countries, the offshore travelers still prefer the quick and convenient means of getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival at the Airport. Dealing with the paperwork sounds inconvenient and time-consuming; so, many foreigners do take advantage of the online Vietnam visa application service when traveling by AIR at Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, or Da Nang Airport.

You now can apply online for Vietnam Visa within five easy steps :
1.     Access website:
2.    Fill out the secure online forms with the accurate personal details (birth name, passport number, arrival date, payment method, email address, etc.).
3.    Confirm and pay the service fee to the travel agency that processes your Visa Approval Letter. The payment is done by Credit/Debit Card via OnePay or cash through the Western Union.
4.    It takes exactly 2 working days to process the visa application. Then, you receive the PDF approval letter in the email inbox. Print it out and prepare the 2 passport sized photos (4cmx6cm).
5.    In the Vietnam Immigration checkpoints at the Vietnamese airports, show the printed visa approval letter, the valid passport, the photos, and the Vietnam Visa Application form. Pay for the stamping fee to have the visa stamped upon arrival. Check out the stamping fee as it is clearly stated online (USD$45 – USD$65).

So, to recap, it’s necessary to apply online for the Visa Approval Letter in advance. Then, you get the visa stamped onto the valid passport at the arrival airport in Vietnam. If you notice, you’ll realize that this time-saving option of Vietnam Visa involves the two kinds of fees: the service fee (paid to the travel agency who processes your Visa Approval Letter), and the stamping fee (paid in cash to the Immigration Office at Vietnam’s arrival airport). The issued Visa on arrival at the airport is precisely similar to the visa issued by the Vietnamese Embassy with the matching conditions and limitations.

Getting the Vietnam Visa on arrival features the extreme convenience and comfort which effectively motivates the tourists to explore the beautiful S-shaped country. Holding the proven visa on hand, your Vietnam vacation becomes wholesomely smooth.