How to get around in Hue

cyclo in HueBy cyclo

Cyclo is the most convenient vehicle to travel around in the city. Because of the high hood, the vehicle is suitable for both cargo and passenger service, cargo transportation without the hood and use it for passenger service.

Currently, Hue transport services by a cyclo is the most attractive and appropriate one in the inner city. Using means of cyclo, guests can leisurely walk around in this ancient and peaceful city.

It’s a good idea for the tourists to make an agreement about the price before you decide to go. The price is usually about $10/hour. Almost of the cyclo drivers in Hue are fair and helpful, however there are some unscrupulous ones in all, and the travelers must be careful to make a fair price with them. If you agree with the price “100”, you should make clear that it is 100,000 VND , not 100 USD dollars.
The tourism industry has supported for the establishment of many group of cyclo tour in the hotel such as: Huong Giang, Century, Rose, Saigon Morin, 2 Le Loi, 5 Le Loi, etc.

By taxi

Taxi is the most popular vehicle in almost of tourism cities in Vietnam and in Hue also. The tourists can easily get a taxi only by a phone call. There are some reference for taxi agency in Hue city for the travelers:
Mai Linh Taxi
– Address: 177 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hue City
– Tel: 054.3898989 – 054.3824747

Taxi Thanh Do
– Address: 333B An Duong Vuong Street, Hue City
– Tel: 054.3858585
Taxi Gili
– Address: 28B Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City
– Tel: 054.3828282
Taxi Thanh Loi
– Address: Tran Hung Dao Street, Hue City
– Tel: 054.3845845
Thua Thien Hue Taxi
– Tel: 054.3818181

The price for a taxi is metered with 11,500 VND for each kilometer of first two kilometers and tick upward at 11,500 VND for every next kilometer.

By bus

There are five major bus routes are in operation in Hue City:
(1)  Route: The Southern bus station to Northern bus station and vice versa
QL49 T-junction, An Cuu – Ba Trieu – Ly Thuong Kiet High School – VietinBank – Hoa Mai Kindergarten – Provincial Federation of Labor – Hospital of Medical College  – Ben Ngu – 05 Le Loi Street roundabout – Quoc Hoc High School – Hue Central Hospital – Thuong Bac – Dong Ba – Cua Ngan – Cua Quang Duc – Cua Nha Do – Bach Ho – Cua Huu – Cua Chanh Tay  – An Hoa – the Northern bus station
(2)  Route: The Southern bus station to Phu Bai and vice versa
Cong Bac – Thuy Duong Textile – Da Le Market – Phu Ho T-junction – Than Phu Market – Mai Market – 15 petrol station  – Phu Bai Centre Market – Phu Thu T-junction – Phu Bai airport  T-junction – Phu Bai Industrial Zone – Bypass road – Phu Bai Market
(3) Route: Southern Bus Station to Dong Ba – Thuan An and vice versa
QL49 T-junction, An Cuu – 15B Ha Noi- Thong Ke printing – Thuong Bac – Dong Ba – Festival Center – toa Kham – Union Hotel – Vy Da Market – Huda Brewery – Mai Market-  Phan Dang Primary School – My An – Tan An – Huong Vy Hotel – Thuan An High School – Thuan An Port – Thuan An Market.
(4) The Southern Bus Station to Dong Ba – An Lo and vice versa
QL49 T-junction, An Cuu – 15B Ha Noi – Thong Ke Printing – Thuong Bac – Dong Ba – Cua Ngan – Cua Quang Duc – Cua Nha Do – Bach Ho – Cua Huu – Cua Chanh Tay – An Hoa – The Northern Bus Station – Trieu Son – Tunnel Brick – Xuan Huong – Van Xa Station – Huong Van – Tu Ha Market – Tu Ha Post Office – Tu Ha Primary School – Phu Oc – An Lo.
(5) Route: The Southern Bus Station to Dong Ba – Tuan Market and vice versa
QL49 T-junction, An Cuu – 15B Ha Noi – Thong Ke Printing – Thuong Bac – Dong Ba – Hue Central Hospital – Quoc Hoc High School – Hue Station – Bao Quoc Pagoda – Tu Dam Pagoda – Defending Barrack – Dan Nam Giao – Lim Bridge – Cu Chanh T-junction – Thien An – Thuy Bang People’s Committee – Tomb of Khai Dinh – Tuan Market.

By motorbike/ bicycle

For the travelers who would like to enjoy a free tour around the peaceful city, it is a great idea to rent a motorbike or bicycle depending on their hobby. One of the most advantage of the way to travel is they can leisurely move from one destination to another with only the help of a map with instruction.

The tourists can easily find a motorbike or bicycle for hire on Hung Vuong street, specially the path from Truong Tien Bridge to the intersection of Hung Vuong and Nguyen Tri Phuong street (near the famous sweet pudding  restaurant named Hem). Another popular place for rental motorbike or bicycle is Le Loi Street, the area opposite to Huong Giang hotel, or on Pham Ngu Lao street, Chu Van An street are always available for motorbike and bike for hire.

By boat

In recent years, the tourists in Hue used boat as a popular and special mean to go sightseeing on the river.

Single boat has about 20 available seats for a safe tour, the cabin of the boat with 2 meters width and 5-6 meters length. For the catamaran, the capacity is about 50-60 people.

Floating on the river, the tourists also have opportunity to have may interesting experiences to enjoy Hue romantic folk songs, the lantern festival in many occasions, these one will be impressive memories for all of the tourists who are interested in travelling by boat.

If you feel free to enjoy the excited experience on Huong River, please contact with one of the following agencies:

  1. Management Center of Hue Folk song performance

– Address: 35 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City.

– Tel: 054.3831575

  1. Huong Giang Management Board of Boat Station

– Address: 5 Le Loi Street, Hue City.

– Tel: 054.3846744 – 054.3846743 – 054.3828853

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