Overview of Hue Travel

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Điệnc Thái Hòa-Đại nội Huế

Điệnc Thái Hòa-Đại nội Huế

Hue is located on a narrow land strip in the central of Vietnam.  Thanks to a thickness of longstanding culture, charming and beautiful landscape, and a group of historical monuments recognized by the world, Hue has long been known as an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Nowadays, Hue is known as the festival city of Vietnam, first held in 2000 and every two years to be organized again.

Apart from spectacular Ngu Mountain and romantic Huong River, Hue is also famous for many ideal beaches for those for like travelling and marine tourism such as Thuan An, Canh Duong or Lang Co for example. Lang Co Beach is one of the most beautiful bays in the world that brings a peaceful and pristine beauty with a fine white sand and attractive blue sea. About Thuan An Beach, there are usually many strong waves that is really suitable for many games such as water skiing or surfing. Different from the two beaches above, Canh Duong beach is relatively airtight, gentle slope, soft white sand, very convenient for the organization of the type tourism and sports.

Texture between architecture and landscape makes Hue become a city of harmonization among architecture – natural and humans or “Hue is the synthesis of religion and life in architecture, the suitable combination of ancient and modern styles, the ancient capital which generally live in harmony with today’s young city “.

Hue is also an ideal tourist attraction not to be missed for those who love to learn, to explore the historical sites and culture of Vietnam. Today, the tour to Hue has been increasing significantly because the city has always been kept and preserved of tombs and temples of kings with several hundred year.

In addition, coming to Hue tourism the travelers also known as the land of typical folk festivals such as Hue Nam festival in Hon Chen Temple according to the beliefs of Champa, the festival commemorating the establishment of farming villages or the festival to commemorate the formation of the traditional professions. In these festivals, many community activities are taken place and maintained as useful organizations such as sailing, tug of war, wrestling, etc that attracts many viewers annually.

Thanks to the world’s cultural heritage, natural landscapes, historical monuments, specialty products, especially the typical type of special accommodation named homestay that is a unique feature of the city of Hue with the famous names as An Hien, Lac Tinh Vien , Ngoc Son Princess, Ty Ba Trang, Tinh Gia Vien, etc  along with large scale systems of hotel, restaurant, and other services, the royal city has become a tourism center attracts a large number of tourists to Hue. With a capacity of hotel: 3 five star hotels, 7 four star hotels 7, 5 three star hotels and many of one or two star hotels.

The tourists coming to Hue not only admire the beautiful image of the poetic Huong River, the ancient tradition of royal tombs, historical and cultural monuments, typical folk festival  but also are fascinated by the people here, the pure and gentle image of with “ao dai”, the sweet voice impressing into people’s mind. So that the royal city always attracts a large number of the travelers both inside and outside the country.

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