The best time to travel to Hue

by Administrator | Thursday, Jul 31, 2014 | 1194 views

Hue-WeatherHue is located in the central of Vietnam that is popular with both lasting drizzle and hot air of wind flow from Laos according to each season. Dry season in Hue usually lasts from March to August when the weather is really hot and oppressive, the temperature sometimes reaches up to 35 – 40 Celsius Degree. Specially influencing the hot wind flow from Laos, the city is really hot and muggy in the summer, much hotter than the neighboring areas as Hoi An or Da Nang in summer. The hottest months in a year of the city is from May to September, the weather in the period is really unendurable with really high temperature.

Rainy season begins at the end of September till January, specially the period of flood and storm starts from October, there is much rain in the period with the popular drizzle rain that last in a long time. The average temperature in this period is 20 Celsius Degree, sometimes falls down to 9 Celsius Degree. Spring in Hue lasts shortly only from January to the end of February.

The ideal time to visit Hue is considered as from October to March. It is better to avoid July and August because of the scorching heat in the period together with a huge crowd of domestic tourists in the high season of travelling.

In addition, festival period is an important point that the tourist have to pay attention to when choosing the suitable time to visit Hue. For those who has never been in Hue, it is a significant time to travel to Hue, the incredible time and experience of the festival will not make you regret choosing the time to come to the city.

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