What and where to eat in Hue

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banh hueComing to Hue, the travelers not only enjoy the stunning view of the citadel city but also have chance to taste many delicious and special Vietnamese dishes. Street food in Hue city is really plentiful, cheap and delicious that the tourists can easily catch in any place on many streets in the city.

Hue cuisine is divided into royal food and ordinary food. If you have time to enjoy many types of dishes in the city, you will learn more about this little culinary world of Vietnam with its refined flavors and tastes.

These following dishes are the most popular and famous ones in the city:


Rice mixed with mussels

Mussel rice is one kind of poor and rustic dish but still tasty and impressive. The dish is made from more than 10 different raw materials that are mussel, fried grease, water grease, peanuts, dry pancake, salted shredded meat, chili sauce, banana flower, banana trunk, salad, sour parabola, spice vegetables, peppermint, etc.

The dish is always attractive to many customers since it is tasty and also economical to anybody. What makes this simple kind of food popular is revealed in the great endeavor to adopt and process its main ingredient – mussel. Mussels are sea species, which must be dipped in water for a long while before being processed. Accordingly, people often say that mussel cooked rice somehow expresses the strenuous work of the maker.

* Where to eat

        (1) Nam Chau Hoi Quan

– Address: 4 Kim Long Street / 7 Van Xuan Street, Kim Long Ward, Hue City.

– Tel: 054.3510587  – 054.3590111

(2) The restaurant that is at the abutment on Ung Binh Street.


Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup

For fans of Vietnamese cuisine, “bun bo” is a really familiar name,  known as a famous Vietnamese beef noodle soup and to be the classic soup of central Vietnam. As with many Vietnamese noodle dishes, this lemon grass flavored soup is served spicy hot and is a combination of beef shank, pork hocks, pork blood cake, lemon grass and herbs. The dish is attractive for the people who enjoy it thanks to the delicious, tasty and sweet soup. Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup is prominent for a strongly spicy taste.

* Where to eat

There are 2 most popular restaurants for the tourists to enjoy the dish in Hue is No. 17 or 19 on Ly Thuong Kiet Street that are opened from the morning till evening.

However, in the morning the travelers can easily find out a place to enjoy beef and pork knuckle noodle soup in Hue, the dish is available in almost of restaurant, street vendors throughout the city. The most popular places are the corner of Truong Dinh and Pham Hong Thai Street, and the restaurants of Mrs. Sen , Mrs. Thuy, Mrs. Loi, Mrs. Hoa, etc. In addition, many other restaurants are also attractive for the visitors such as Phuong vermicelli (Nguyen Khuyen Street); Thuy vermicelli, Mrs. Tuyet vermicelli, Mrs. My vermicelli (Nguyen Cong Tru Street); Cam vermicelli (Tran Cao Van Street); the small restaurant in alley 29 Hung Vuong street; Mrs. Lan vermicelli and Mrs. Do vermicelli (Nguyen Sinh Cung Street), etc.

Fig fruit

Fig is a deciduous tree from the family Moraceae, it has the green color outside and white color inside. Its taste is sweet and buttery. Fig trees are often planed in Hue’s  garden home, especially fig tree must plan at least two. This kind of tree easy to plant and grow fast and bear fruits all the year round. You don’t have to take care them while its fruits are used for food exclusively in Hue. Hue people use fig fruit to make many attractive, delicious dishes , fig is also nutritious fruit.


Hue small steamed savory rice cake

Since time immemorial, small steamed savory rice cake is one kind of specialty as an indispensable dish of Hue people. “Banh beo” is available from a rustic tray of meal for each family everyday to a party, a holiday, New Year’s Day or a solemn party to welcome guests in Hue.

Coming to Hue, the tourists will see how the kind of dish sticking to the local people’s life. From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., almost small alleys in the city will be full of street vendors to sell “banh beo”, the women neatly dressed in “ao dai” leisurely walk with shoulder pole and hangers of “banh beo” from place to place and bring the dish to every where and sell it to people who want to enjoy. Hue people has enjoyed a habit of taking the tasty cakes as an extra snack.

* Where to eat

The dish is largely served in almost of restaurants in Hue, however the streets to be always available for this dish are the area close to An Dinh Palace, Ngu Binh Street, Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, etc.


Hue pancake

The Vietnamese version of an open-faced omelette or crepe, this specialty of many street side restaurants is also called the pancake or the Vietnamese name is  “khoai”, comes from the type of pan it is cooked in.

The dish is made of blend rice flour with water, eggs, salt and sugar. Add one tablespoon of oil to the frying pan, swirl it around and cooked at the high temperature. It has add the shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and spring onions into also and served with fragrant herbs, lettuce and Soy Sauce Dip.

* Where to eat

(1) Lac Thien Pancake

– Address: No.6 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hue City.

(2) Hong Mai Pancake

– Address: Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hue City.


Some restaurants and specialties for reference

* Hang Me Restaurant

– Address: No. 12 Vo Thi Sau Street

– Dish:  Finest flour with shrimp cake, steamed savory rice cake,

shrimp rice cake, glustinuos rice cake, grilled chopped shrimp balls,

Vietnamese fermented pork roll, etc.

* Biet Phu Thao Nhi Restaurant

– Address: Cu Chanh I, Thuy Bang, Huong Thuy, Thua Thien Hue

– Dish:  Rice pancake exposed in the dew, fig fruit, mixed vegetables crab,

Caramelized fish in clay pot with rice, etc.

* Mussel rice restaurant

– Address: At the abutment close to Vy Da village in Con Hen

– Dish:  Rice mixed with mussels, vermicelli with mussels, Vietnamese corn

pudding, etc.

* Huyen Anh Restaurant

– Address: K52 Kim Long Street, Hue City

– Dish:  Teamed thin rice pancake & grilled pork, Vietnamese grilled pork

over vermicelli, etc.

* Nga Restaurant

– Address: No. 32 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hue City

– Dish:  Vietnamese crab thick noodle soup and many other traditional dishes of


* Hem sweet pudding restaurant

– Address: No. 26 Hung Vuong Street, Hue City

– Dish:  Many different dishes of sweet pudding, specially rice balls with roasted pork filling sweet soup is really featured.

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