What to buy in Hue

buy in hueWhat to buy in Hue

Hue is the ancient capital city that is known as a famous tourism city in Vietnam with mossy palaces, honest and graceful human. It’s the same people who made the famous specialties of Hue with unique flavors. It is said that sweet voice of Hue and delicious snack in Hue are exactly what impresses strongly in any visitor’s mind when coming to the city. Some specialties introduced hereby are what you should buy as a gift for your friend and your family after a tour to Hue.

Sesame candy

Sesame candy is a traditional product of Hue. With an elegant, industrious, ingenious nature of Hue people has created the kind of ​​famous candy by the familiar materials of central area. In the tranquility of an early morning or a peaceful evening, with the fragrant tea cup and sesame candies, a poetic pastime for the elegant and literary people can be found. Indeed, sesame candy isn’t just an outstanding dessert, a harmonious combination of the dedicate sweetness of malt, the fragrant scent of lemon, the nutty flavor of sesame seeds and peanuts, but it is also a true reflection of the graceful lifestyle of the people in the ancient capital city. It is also said that sesame candy has become one of the cultural symbol of Hue.

Hue people go to Saigon, Hanoi, or go abroad usually carry tens of sesame candy package as a gift to their relatives and friends. Now even in Hanoi, people like drinking Thai Nguyen and enjoy sweet flavor of sesame candy at the same time as a favorite pleasure. The tourists visiting Hue also choose a gift of sesame candy to carry on after leaving the city.

Fermented pork and “tré”


These two dishes in Hue usually go together with alcohol, they often appears together as a couple of honest friends or a sweet couple that is really indispensable in the occasion of the wedding in Hue as well as betel and areca.

“Tré” made from pork, rice mixed with guava leaf and wrapped by banana leaf. A famous dish in the central area of Viet Nam (Da Nang, Hue, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh).

Hue spring roll is different from the dish in the north and the south about the way to put the condiment into. A Hue roll is not put pepper in the middle, the flavor of the roll are soluble in spring roll. In the spring roll, there is a special taste of fermented sour chopped pork skin, roasted rice powder fish sauce, brown sugar, salt, etc. It’s really hard for the tourists to stop eagerness to enjoy the dish with the special taste and attractive appearance.


Ginger candy, hammer candy, mirror candy are some popular names of special candy in Hue. The name of candy is enough for people to know just what it is that or  some kind of candy with an exact image about its shape.

Areca candy is one kind of popular snacks for kids, it looks an areca split into six pieces, including the hard parts in yellow that is the symbol of the areca nut, is bright yellow of sugar water; the outside part is white is made of mixed sugar powder.

Ginger candy mixed with ginger, strong taste, aromatic smell, that is really helpful to make the belly warm and the voice smooth or being a very good solution for flu. Hammer candy has a square shape as the head of hammer, it need to be hold in one’s mouth for a long time to be melt completely.


Thanh Tra pomelo

Thanh Tra pomelo has appeared in Phu Xuan, Hue for a very long time. According to the Nguyen dynasty over 200 years ago, in many type of delicacies to offers for Nguyen dynasty together with An Cuu famous rice, Kim Long longan and Tuan tea,  it has contributed into a diverse type of the local specialities in Phu xuan, Hue. The travelers to Hue is really interested in the specialty and usually bring it home as a gift for their friends or family.

Cajuput oil

Thien An cajuput oil is one kind of product extracted from 100% cajuput tree that is derived from nature. As a source of valuable medication with many unique therapy features that not be found in any other herbs. It is a precious and really famous medication in Thien An, Hue.

Lang Co arca sauce

Lang Co is the name of a famous landscape in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province that is near the foot of Hai Van mountain pass, about 80 kilometers from Hue city.

Lang Co Beach has numerous seafood types such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid and shellfish. Especially arca, a traditionally famous dish for a very long time. However, the most popular dish here is the arca sauce dish that is living far away and to be used normally for the gourmets or even popular gifts prepared for the tourists after a good experience in Hue.

Hue conical palm-leaf hat

Coming to Hue, people surely has a reminiscent about image of Hue girls with purple long dress (ao dai) , and a poem palm-leaf hat on their hand. This is a characteristic that makes conical palm-leaf hat to be the symbol of the city. Hue’s tourists should choose a poem palm-leaf hat when coming here, this is certainly very meaningful gift for your beloved ones.

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