Nha Trang Travel Guide

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Nha Trang city

Nha Trang city

Nha Trang where is seaside town of Khanh Hoa Province with the famous name “ Pearl of The East Sea”, located in Sothern of Vietnam with valuable of natural and nice weather. For the white sandy beach and sunny, Nha Trang attracts both domestic and international tourist when visting in Vietnam.

2. Weather:
There are 2 seasons: rainy and dry season in Nha Trang. The time from September to December is in rainy season and other months in dry season. In The dry season, there has many tourist visiting in Nha Trang, especial March – July with average temperature 26.7 C.

3. Cultural & Customs
For the history and culture, local people in Nha Trang are very nice and friendly. Their personality simples to the seaside like the air-tight and light waves of Khanh Hoa. In Khanh Hoa province, there are 2 the ethnics of ancient kingdom of Champa. One of them is Cau (Kranukavamsa). Therefore, every year there is much the festival to remind and honor the great work of Holy Mother.
Po Nagar Cham Festival: from 20th to 23rd Mar in the lunar calendar at Po Naga Cham Tower. Po Nagar – Mother of King who has the great work to establish land & remain religious, finding rice and teaching of technical cultivation. There are 2 parts in the ritual:
On 20th Mar in Lunar Calendar: Remove her clothes, wash the Goddess by perfume water and then change to new clothes.
On 23rd Mar in Lunar Calendar: Worship Ritual with the purpose to praise merits of Po Naga Mother and pray the prosperous and peaceful life for everyone.
After that, the local people will enjoy activities like traditional dance, sing and coracle race…

Po Nagar Cham Tower located at 2nd Apr Str and Thap Ba Str, Vinh Phuoc Ward, Nha Trang Town. (It takes about 4 kms from Nha Trang Train Station to Po Nagar Tower and 40 kms from Airport to Po Nagar Tower.)

Price: 16.000 VND/pax

Festival Am Chua: Festival takes place from 1st to 3rd Mar in Lunar Calendar at Am Chua, Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh, Khanh Hoa. According to the legend, this is where descended on the earth of Princess. Her childhood lived with woodcutter old couples. The Festival where praises the Y Na God who people venerate with name Mother Princess – Mother of Land Am Chua ( where worship Po Nagar), Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh; commemorate her merits teaching people in Khanh Hoa how to know planting rice, raising silkworm and weaving fabric.

On 1st Mar in Lunar Calendar: Observing the ritual and offering sacrifies

On 3rd Mar in Lunar Calendar: Thanks for the ceremony praised the friendly A Na and wish peace, prosperity to everyone.

Whale Festival: taking place on the date of Mr. Ly (the date of dead whale), spring rites and autumn rites at Lang Ong, Nha Trang Town. For both the people in Khanh Hoa and fisherman, whale is considered rare species, not to harm people and often help people in need while at sea. According to the legend, Nguyen Anh General was rescued in the sinking boat by whale. Therefore, after he became the King, he conferred: “Nam Hai Cự Tộc Ngọc Lân Thượng Đẳng Thần” on whale. Then, King of Nguyen Dynasty also conferred on whale: “Đại Càng Quốc Gia Nam Hải”.

Since then, believing in his help, people hold worship with respect. They abstain from calling whale, calling Cá Ong or Ông Nam Hải and built tomb with name Lăng Ông. In his coffin, there is the whalebone called Pearl Remain. The festival can be from 5 to 7 days with much ceremony and rituals

Salanganes Nest Festival: on Hon Noi Island 10th May in Lunar Calendar.

This festival aims to honor the history of traditional profession in Khanh Hoa Province. In festival, there are activities, culture and art to advertise, attract tourist with exploring the unique natural land where were granted priceless gift like salanganes nest, agarwood… The festival is held by the employer related to salanganes career to bless.

4. Entertainment

When travel to Nha Trang, you should walk along the beach of Nha Trang on Tran Phu Str. Otherwise, you also can swim at the beach of hotel, resort, Ba Lang Beach (near Hon Chong), Bai Dai ( near Cam Ranh International Airport)


Vinper Cable Car has 60 cabins (8 seats cabin) with 1000-1500 pax/hour. It takes about 12min/way with the speed 6m/second. Cable car operates from 9a.m to 10p.m and can operate in wind level 7.

Cable Car Schedule

Low season: 8.30a.m – 9.15 p.m (Mon – Thurs)

8.30a.m – 10.00p.m (Fri – Sun)

High season: 8.00a.m – 10p.m on every day.

You should spend 1 day when travel in Vinperland. Ticket included all games and beach. You are not allowed bringing food or drinks in Vinperland. Staffs check before going on the cable car.

In Vinperland, you can play adventure games, visiting aquarium, mountain slide, water park.

The best time to visit Vinperland is at 2 p.m with many programs on the beach and at 3.50p.m with swimming, 5.00 p.m have a dinner and walk around, then at 7p.m there is the water music and come back to hotel or walking on the beach.


Cable Car: 500.000 VND/way/adult & 400.000VND/way/child

Entrance fee: 430.000 VND/adults & 350.000VND/child

Cano – taxi: 130.000VND/adults (Require: 4adults/way. If there is less than 4 people, tourist have to buy all 4 tickets)

Institute of Oceanography: (No. 1 Cau Da Str, Nha Trang)

The Institute where is one of research facilities life of marine fauna, established earliest by Frenh in 1922. There are the collections of items on marine fauna in South Asia, with 20.000 specimens of 4000 flora and fauna marine. Otherwise, Institute exhibits rare animals such as sea cows, giant whalebone which buried in the Red River Delta more than 200 years.

Ticket: 15.000VND/pax; Open time: 06.00a.m – 6.00p.m.

Po Nagar Cham Tower: located on the hillock, near the Cai River, Vinh Phuoc Ward, north of Nha Trang. This is a work which represents the architecture and sculpture, exist more than 10 centuries. For the system of fences, stairs and local road, tousit can walk around and sightsee Cai River, around the Po Nagar Tower. When tourists visit in Nha Trang, Po Nagar Tower is the first distination to travel.

Price ticket: 16.000VND/pax

Long Son Pogoda: located in Nha Trang Town, at foot of Train Tuy Mount, is opened the late ò 19th century and built in 1940s with the architecture and sculpture mark of modern. Coming here, tourist will have change to contemplate the statue of Buddha which is recorded “the biggest outdoor Buddha in Vietnam” in Vietnam Guiness Book.

Bao Dai Villa: located on Canh Long Mountain (Chut mountain), about 6 kms from town center to villa, the last King of Nguyen Dynasty choose the relax. This is the unique architecture, the combination between Western Architecture and flower – garden art of Oriental, includes villas with precinct, holding an arc created small strait with coconut, blue sea, white sand and sun. Currently, it is a small museum showcasing the life, and the life emperor Bao Dai.

Yangbay Falls: in the Buon Y Bay area, Khanh Phu Commune, Khanh Vinh Dist. When coming here, you will contemplate the beauty of falls, spring, forest and rock and feel fresh air, cool. Both sides of the spring are large rock under the forest canopy and many colors of flowers and plants.

Entrance fee: 30.000/pax; electric car: 10.000/pax/round trip

Wonderpark Diamond Entertainment area: located on Nguyen Tat Thanh Str, about 14km from South of Town Center, near Cam Ranh Airport. The entertainment area is the tour complex, natural terrain, combines between mountains, plains, river and sea. That makes much attract poetic sightseeing and architecture with investment meticulous but they still retain a wild and mysterious land of heroes.

Entrance fee: 150.000 VND/adult & 110.000VND/child

Otherwise, there are many other destinations such as: Van Phong Bay, Nha Phu Swamp, Hon Chong (Entrance fee: 15.000VND/pax), Hon Ba (Entrance fee: 50.000VND/pax), Doc Let (entrance fee: 20.000VND/pax)

Mud Bath Thap Ba: Is a “specialty” in Nha Trang, the effects of disease treatment, or relax after a hard working days. To effect of mud bath effectively, you should not rinse with cold water, and especially the bathroom with soap, because it removes the minerals of mud left on the skin reduces the effectiveness of mud.

Note: the heart failure people, when bathing the whole body can cause reactions such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, dizziness. Noted temperature, bath time are different for each person. After soaking the whole body, you have to make dry body and stay in bed 10-20 minutes.

4 Islands Tour by boat from 45-50 pax/boat, include islands: Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Hon Mieu (Tri Nguyen Aquarium and Bai Soi – Bai San beach), Hon Tam. If you don’t go to these islands when travel in Nha Trang, that is considered to not travel in Nha Trang.

Tour price: 120.000 – 130.000VND/pax.

Tour Company: Nha Trang Tourist, Nha Trang Holiday, Nha Trang Sea Island Travel Center or making booking tour at hotel

Tip: If you do not suddenly want a tour or tour 4 island, they can go to Cau Da Wharf (near Institute Of Oceanography) please go tour transplantation.

Scuba Diving: one of the most popular activities in Nha Trang

Blue Diving Club: 66 Tran Phu Str, Nha Trang, Tel: (058) 3825 390

Coco Dive Centre: 2E Biet Thu, Nha Trang, Tel (058) 38812900

Rainbow Divers: No.2 Tran Quang Khai Str, Nha Trang, Tel: (058) 3826166

Jeremy Stein’s Rainbow: No.72 Tran Phu Str, Nha Trang. Tel: (058) 3829946

Decouvrir: No.2 Me Linh Str, Nha Trang. This is scuba diving center of Hon Ong Resort, main diving port is also at Hon Ong.

5. Food:

Food Street

– O Thi Restaurant and Cay Me Restaurant: located on Phan Chu Trinh Str. There are 2 Hue beef rice noodles restaurants which have good comment from guest.

– Nam Loc Cake on Minh Khai Str, Yesin ( just in the evening)

– Mussel Rice on Phan Boi Chau Str, Hong Bang Str ( price: 10.000-20.000 VND/ pax)

– Quang Noodle on Hong Bang Str and seafood gruel on Ngo Si Lien Str are famous and make not only tourists but also local people love it.

– Lac Canh Restaurant (corner of Ngo Quyen). Restaurant has fresh seafood, delicacy Vietnamese food like grilled beef (on the table), eal, seafood, goat hot pot…

Guest can choose every food and drink, price just 100.000VND/pax

Vietnam Rice Restaurant on Hoang Van Thu Str serves only 50.000VND/pax with crab soup, braises pork, dipped fish. Other cheaper restaurant is located at 22 Thai Nguyen Str with price 30.000 VND/pax, food from fresh fish.

– Ngoc Lien Grilled pork roll on Le Thanh Phuong str or Dan Van Quyen Restaurant at 2 Le Loi Str

– Seafood: along Tran Phu Str or Thap Ba Str near the mud bath. Food is very cheap.

Bar and clup

– Sailing Club Bar: No. 72 Tran Phu Str is in front of sea. Guest will be love this space and suitable price with sea view in the evening.

– Logde Club; 42 Trang Phu Str

– Yakasa Club: 18 Tran Phu

– CrazyKim Bar: 19 Biet Thu Str

6. Shopping:

– Dam Market: Ben Cho, Van Thanh, Nha Trang. This is the most famous market of Nha Trang. Dam Market is the trading symbol with unique architecture, attracts many tourists visit. Tourists should take care shopping at market and bargain especial dried squid, salanganes nest. Touirsts should buy the salanganes nest in the prestige company

– Maximark Nha Trang Centre: 60 Thai Nguyen Str, Nha Trang. At here, tourists can buy everything like clothes, shoes, cosmetic, and food… with fixed price.

Open time: 08.00a.m – 10.00p.m

– Tourists can buy souvenirs at Maximark Center or Lac Viet Gift Shop (No. 60 Hung Vuong Str, Nha Trang). Otherwises, you can find easily at the shop on many streets or at hotel, but price in hotel is expensive.

7. Vehicles in Nha Trang

– Motor bike is always useful vehicle to visit and travel in Nha Trang. Tourists can go around town center and further like Doc Let, Cam Ranh…it’s will be save cost for tourist

Price: 70.000 – 100.000VND/day (tourist can rent on Hung VUong Str, hotels on Tran Phu Str or hotel where you stay)

– Bus is very popular and convenience. There are 6 routes, operate from 06.00a.m – 06.00p.m. Price: 4.000VND/pax/way/ route.

– Taxi: if tourist travels with family, friends, taxi will be suitable for your group. Tourist can call some Taxi Company:

Taxi Mai Linh (, Taxi Nha Trang (, Airport Taxi (058.3528.528 –

Otherwises, you can use cyclo to go around beautiful sea city, special feeling.

8. Vehicles to Nha Trang:

– Flight: every day there are many flights from Hanoi, Saigon to Nha Trang. Tourist can book ticket through Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air or cheap airline Jetstar Pacific ( this brand sometimes is cancelled the flight). Price depends on the period of time you book.

– Train: there many trains from other province to Nha Trang. Tourists can review the train schedule via website: www.vietnam-railway.com to choose the suitable time and train.

– Bus: 2 famous bus company: Mai Linh and Phuong Trang. Tourists can book bus ticket from city like Ho Chi Minh, Dalat, Dannang or Hue to Nha Trang. Phuong Trang bus as fee transit from the bus station to other area within 10kms.

Phuong Trang Bus: (08) 3830 9309 ( Ho Chi Minh City); (058) 3 812 812 ( Nha Trang)

Head Office: 272 De Tham Str, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist.1 and East Bus Station

Nha Trang: No.7 Hoang Hoa Tham Str, Nha Trang

Mai Linh Bus: (08) .3929 2929 ( Ho Chi Minh), No. 400A Le Hong Phong Str, Dist.10 or 293 Tran Phu Str, Ward 8, Dist.5

Nha Trang: (058) 359 0606 – No. 55 Ton That tung, Vinh Tho Ward, Nha Trang.

9. Tips:

– On the first day, tourist should visit the destination around the city and on the 2nd day, spending all day to visit Vinpearl or Doc Let, Hon Ba… because visiting in Vinpearl, you will feel tired and just want to relax on the next day.

– Note: closed time of somewhere is 4.00p.m, so tourist should visit early.

– Price is for Vietnamese same as foreigner

– If you book tour, you should buy package tour, price is cheaper than buy part of tour

– Price of lying chair on the beach is 20.000VND/pax – not limited time

– Tourists have to wear polite clothe when visit the pagodas or historical destinations

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