Lady Thu Bon Worshiping Festival, Quang Nam

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Lady Thu Bon Worshiping Festival

Lady Thu Bon Worshiping Festival

This is one of the traditional festivals takes place annually in Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. The festival takes place in the jubilant and bustling atmosphere from morning till late evening on February 10th every year (according to lunar year). On the occasion of the festival, many delegations from other provinces come together to compete in the races. This is a traditional folk festival for a very long time of the residents in the area to memorize Lady Thu Bon.

Lady Thu Bon, also called the Lady Bo Bo, Cham inhabitant, has contributed significantly to agriculture and fish farming for alluvial land area. She is the embodiment of love, mutual assistance and effort to win disasters or calamities, who ever created so much merit and virtue to the residents in the area. The biggest river of the area was named by the lady Thu Bon to memorize her merit.  And the mausoleum of the lady was built by residents since old days in Duy Tan Commune. The festival with the aim of giving the local people thankfulness to the Lady Thu Bon about her protection for the recent harvest and pray for an upcoming abundant one.

The most activity will be taken place in the festival is racing boat. According to custom, the crew of any shrines are protected by each different deity. On the other side of the Thu Bon river, there is a boat team of Lady Phuong Chao, also joined the race. Before the competition, the players have to kowtow and pray under one’s breath to the mausoleum of the lady before the opening ceremony starts.

The festival takes place with a plenty of funky parts: worshiping ceremony, boat racing, vehicular procession. The folk games such as Vietnam human chess, “bai choi” art at Thu Bon market, folk song competition in the east of Thu Bon, sport competition, cake making, tug of war, etc are all organized widely in the area. In the last night of the festival, there are many attractive activities taken place such as the torch parade ceremony and the lantern festival, campfire, Vietnamese opera performance, etc.

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