Vietnam Taxi

by Administrator | Saturday, Feb 8, 2014 | 1637 views

Taxi has become a convenient and popular transportation method in Vietnam in recent years. However, taxis are predominantly operating in big cities and urban areas where residents have higher living standards.
Taxi services in Vietnam can be divided into two main types: “official” and “unofficial” taxi. “Official” taxi refers to the taxi corporations who have high and consistent quality at a reasonable price. They are credible, safe, apparent in calculating fee and somehow cheaper.
The other type of taxi is “unofficial” taxi, which often belongs to individual drivers. The fact is that this type of taxi is poor in quality and services, unreliable and vague in fee calculation, or they don’t even have meters. Also, the safety of these taxis is a serious problem, as the “unofficial” taxi drivers tend to run rapidly and carelessly.

  • Hanoi (area code: +84-4)
    • Taxi Airport: 3 873 3333
    • Taxi Hanoi: 3 853 5353
    • Taxi Mai Linh: 3 826 2626
  • HUE
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